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The Pakistan Football Federation was formed in 1947 which thereafter became affiliated with FIFA in 1948. PFF was also one of the founding members of the AFC when it was established in 1954. PFF is the governing body that controls the Pakistan National Football Teams and organizes all domestic leagues within the country for men, women, and youth connected by its 8 provincial football federations. Currently, PFF is suspended from conducting all football-related activities by FIFA and respectively AFC and SAFF due to third-party interference in their elections.


Coach (Men) Stephen Constantine

Coach (women) – Muhammad Rashid

Man Honor

Woman Honor



Hassan Bashir

Bashir is a Pakistani footballer who plays for Ishøj IF and captains the Pakistan national team. Bashir has played much of his career as a forward, but has been deployed in a variety of attacking roles – as an offensive midfielder, second striker and centre forward.


Maria Khan

Maria Khan is an American-born Pakistani professional footballer who plays as a midfielder. Born in the United States, she represents and captains the Pakistan national team