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The Football Federation of Srilanka was formed in 1939 which thereafter became affiliated with FIFA in 1952 and the AFC in 1954. PFF is the governing body that controls the Sri Lanka National Football Teams and organizes all domestic leagues within the country for men, women, and youth. FFSL has won the SAFF Championship title once before SAFF was established as an entity during which time FFSL had some of the best players to count for. Currently, FFSL participates in all of SAFF’s competitions including the SAFF Championship, SAFF Women’s Championship, and all the youth level championships for both men and women.


Coach man) - Amir Alagic 

Coach (women) - Shanika Rajapakse


Man Honor

2nd place (1): 2006
Champion (1): 1995
2nd place (1): 1993
3rd place (1): 2008
2nd place, Silver medal (1): 2006
3rd place, Bronze medal (3): 1993, 1995, 2004

Woman Honor



Goal Keeper

Sujan Perera

Sujan is a professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for UpCountry Lions and captains the Srilanka National Football Team.


R.D Lakshika Rushani

Lakshikha is a professional footballer who plays as a defender and captains the  Sri Lanka National Women's Football Team.