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The Legendary Voice in Bangladeshi Football

Bangladesh Football Commentary Legend Mr. Alfazuddin Ahmed was invited by SAFF to share his experience and journey as a commentator. His career of over 40 years has been a glorifying one with a great reputation. When he started his journey, the commentary wasn’t a very conventional career choice, yet through his voice and signature style in delivery he has stood out from everyone else.

In 1968, he started his career as a Banker in Lahore, Pakistan but soon became a known face as a Bangla News Reader on the local television channel. His early career in sports started with Bangladesh Betar as a Commentator where he has spontaneously made his remark. As he recalls his journey, he mentions, during the early 80s, Football has been the dominant sport in Bangladesh and the fan engagement was glorious. There always used to be more than double gathering than the capacity of the stadium. Even though there were no such advanced facilities as a commentary box during that time, however, his passion for the game has always been bigger than any difficulty or setback. In his own words, “I don’t feel addicted to anything else but the game of football is what attracts me the most”.

When he joined the sports industry as a commentator, there wasn’t much scope for training, in fact, there were a few very handful of commentators in numbers. In his opinion, South Asian football has come a long way and many developments have been happening, but we also need quality and passionate commentators who understand every bit of the game. It is important to have more focus on the development of our commentators since they play a crucial part in bringing the game alive through their lively commentary and fan engagement. If there could be a dedicated focus on the Commentary, probably in the future many young football enthusiasts will consider it as a rewarding career. “The commentator is the keenest audience. The job is not an easy one because when you are in front of the microphone, you have to capture every moment through your words making the right choice of the word at the right time instantaneously. I take pride in covering over a thousand matches and starting from national to international grounds, I have engaged millions of audience through the magic of my words.” Mr. Alfaz reminisces.

His hope is to see the Bangla commentary thriving as the football develops. Multilingualism is the key to global advancement in every sector in the 21st century. To make the Bangla commentary thrive, the commentators have to be recognized for their good work and they should be respected as an important stakeholder in football. Nothing can connect the fans and audience better with the game than a soulful commentary. On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, Mr. Alfaz pays tribute to all the martyrs of the language movement as he finds fulfillment in his career which has engaged the Bangladeshi football community with millions of fans over the last few decades through his voice.