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Current Vacancies

Application Deadline: 2022-08-15 23:30:00

Safeguarding officer, #202201

Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Job Type : Full-Time.

The Safeguarding Officer will act as a focal point and also lead on all safeguarding matters at SAFF.

Application Deadline: 15th August, 2022 11:55 PM.

Please send your CV to

South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) is looking for someone with excellent organisation and communication skills to ensure safeguarding training is
implemented, safe practices promoted, and risks of abuse in football is minimised. The Safeguarding Officer will be required to map out and establish
partnerships with regional authorities/agencies and civil society organisations with expertise in this area, as well as to manage referrals if incidents or
concerns of abuse arise across all 7 Member Associations (MA) under SAFF.

Duties and Responsibilities.

The Safeguarding Officer's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Playing a lead role in improving and implementing SAFF's approach to safeguarding children in football across Member Associations and during tournaments.
• Support and drive the Safeguarding Unit/Department to deliver projects and initiatives which are in line with the AFC's Child Safeguarding Policy and SAFF’s Safeguarding Strategy.
• Identifying and establishing partnerships with local, regional and global authorities/agencies and civil society organisations/NGOs with expertise in this area.
• Provide necessary assistance to conduct the Safeguarding Regional Steering Committee sessions.
• Carrying out risks assessments when required and on an ongoing and regular basis, to ensure that football competitions, events or activities (e.g. training and matchday procedures) consider safeguarding
• Ensuring risk assessments are undertaken by MA and tournament staff and volunteers (and not only by the safeguarding officers), to ensure that practitioners are also proactive in assessing risks and in revising
and adopting further safeguarding measures with the MAs that may be needed.
• Ensuring that staff, volunteers, and all stakeholders are familiar with the safeguarding policy, code of conduct and safeguarding measures.
• Providing or arranging safeguarding training, seminar and education for the SAFF’s MA and ensuring that existing personnel receive ongoing training and updates on safeguarding on a regular basis.
• Advising management on ongoing training needs and maintaining a central filing system to keep track of the number of staff who have completed safeguarding training.
• Reporting allegations of poor practices and breaches to the MAs and relevant competent bodies.
• Managing referrals to statutory authorities/agencies and local organisations if cases or concerns of abuse arise.
• Acting as the central point of contact for internal and external individuals and agencies on safeguarding matters.
• Represent SAFF at external meetings related to safeguarding.
• Taking a lead role in maintaining, drafting and reviewing the Child Safeguarding Policy.
• Taking a lead role in maintaining and reviewing the implementation plan.
• Keeping own safeguarding knowledge, best practice solutions, and skills up-to-date.
• Maintaining regular communication with AFC and FIFA to deliver the needful whenever required.
• Any other tasks assigned by the General Secretary.

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required:
• Minimum two (2) years' experience in related field; experience within
the football/sports industry is an added advantage.
• Reliable and self-motivated.
• Good communication skills.
• Superior problem-solving skills.
• Strong leadership qualities.
• Broad knowledge of organisational departments and their functions.
• Strategic thinker.
• Project management experience.
• People-management skills.
• Exceptional organisational skills.
• Scheduling and planning.
• Attention to detail.
• Administrative writing and reporting skills.
• Excellent skills in Microsoft Office Applications, basic skills in visual designing and video editing.

Specific to Safeguarding:
• Policy development, training and delivery of the safeguarding programme/projects.
• Clear and comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of statutory authorities/agencies.
• Ability to obtain knowledge about country legislation, government guidelines and national frameworks for child safeguarding and protection and children's rights.
• Child-focused approach. Self-starter, resilient and motivated.
• Advice, support and supervision skills in relation to safeguarding.
• Ability to work professionally, confidentially, and consistently in an area where emotionally distressing and sensitive issues and cases may arise.
• Recognising behaviour that is harmful to children and understanding thresholds of poor practice and abusive behaviour.
• Managing child-protection referrals to relevant authorities/agencies.

Please note, that applications will be considered on a rolling basis. If you think the vacancy is best fitted for you, please send your CV to .

We regret that due to the high volume of applications we will be unable to acknowledge every application, only those shortlisted will be contacted for the second phase of the recruitment process.

We look forward to receiving and wish you every success with your application.