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SAFF forms four standing committees

16 Sept. 2023

The SAFF Executive Committee Meeting held at the SAFF Headquarters on Saturday has formed four standing committees under the chairmanship of SAFF Executive Committee Members.

The meeting chaired by SAFF President, Kazi Md Salahuddin formed the competition, marketing and communication, finance and development committee.

Each committee consist of five members out of which the chairman of each committee is a member of the SAFF Executive Committee. The meeting decided on the chairperson and deputy chairperson of the committees while the decision on the additional members of the committee will be decided by the SAFF Secretariat as per the nominations sent by the Member Associations.

The formation of the committee is as part of the SAFF Strategic Plan 2023-2026 that was approved at the SAFF Congress earlier this year and the members are as follows:

  • Finance: (Chairperson : Ugyen Wangchhuk | Deputy Chairperson: Kipa Ajay)
  • Competition: (Chairperson: Sundar Narshing Joshi | Deputy Chairperson: Md Amer Khan)
  • Marketing and Communication: (Chairperson: Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran | Deputy Chairperson: Pema Dorji)
  • Development (Chairperson: Kazi Md Salahuddin | Deputy Chairperson: Malojiraje Shahu Chhatrapati)

The SAFF competition calendar of the year 2024 was also approved. There are four youth competitions and one senior women’s competitions in the calendar for next year. The competitions are namely, SAFF U19 Women’s, SAFF U16 Women’s, SAFF U20 Championship, SAFF U17 Championship and SAFF Championship.

Lastly, a format for the SAFF Club Championship was also discussed and it was agreed to come up with a definite format that would be feasible for all the participating members.