SAFF Women’s Championship 2019 Trophy Unveiled

The trophy of the SAFF Women’s Championship 2019 was unveiled at hotel Big in Biratnagar, Nepal on Monday, March 11, 2019.

Captains of Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka attended the official photo session with the trophy. Bangladesh captain was in the training session with team.

Team captains:
Ashalata Devi – India
Fadhuwa Zahir – Maldives
Erandi Kumudumala – Sri Lanka
Niru Thapa – Nepal
Sonam Choden – Bhutan
Later, coaches of the participating teams along with the captains attended a press conference ahead of the championship.
Here are the excerpts:
Maymul Rocky, Head Coach, India
“We came here to win the championship for the fifth time. We have now some good new young players in our team from age-level tournament.”
Hari Khadka , Head Coach, Nepal
“Our team is now balanced team. Our team is mentally and physical ready for the championship and we are the favorites in this tournament as the hosts nation.  But we respect India and Bangladesh as they are also very good team.”
Sung Jea Lee, Head Coach, Bhutan
“We came here with good preparation and with an aim to gather experience from this senior championship. In our group Nepal and Bangladesh are very strong team physically and tactically and they are also experienced teams “.
Golam Robbani Choton, Head Coach, Bangladesh
“We are excited to be here representing Bangladesh. We have been preparing to face Bhutan in our first game since returning from Myanmar. Our focus is to win our first game and achieve our target of getting into the semi-final first. Nepal and India have the advantage of a matured and experienced side at this level. They are strong and tough sides at this level.
“We are still developing and growing as a team as most of our players are Under-19 age, but we will relish the challenge”
Athif Mohammed, Head Coach, Maldives
“All teams are well prepared. It will be a very competitive tournament and our target is to reach the semi-final like last edition.”
A. Rohan Thilak, Head Coach, Sri Lanka 
“Our target will be beating Maldives in our group matches and qualify for the semi-final.  India and Maldives are experienced and strong team.”